Helmet Pizza Slice Stickers

Over the last couple racing seasons, you may have seen pizza slice stickers popped my racing aero-helmet. I will be doing this again this racing season. In the spirit of the college football teams who award helmet stickers for outstanding performances, Jack from Jack and Adam's Bicycles came up with the idea to award my racing achievements with pizza slice stickers. Jack and I have established criteria for gaining or losing stickers. He will hold and award the stickers.  If my helmet is full of stickers, you know it's been a good season. It will be just like the gold stars you received in elementary school from your teacher. This is a reward system my 5 year old niece, Katherine, would enjoy since she loves stickers!

   2009 Final Pizza Sticker Count: 19
   2010 Final Pizza Sticker Count: 14
   2011 Running Pizza Sticker Count: 7

  • St.Croix Ironman 70.3 – 2 stickers: top-10 finish in an Ironman 70.3, top-5 pro bike split 
  • Ironman Texas – 5 stickers: top-10 Ironman finish, new Ironman PR, new Ironman PR bike split, among others. 
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