I have the deepest gratitude for those who believe in me and support my racing career. Without the individuals behind these businesses I would not be able to devote myself to this sport. If you have the opportunity to offer your patronage to these businesses, you will also be supporting me.


Little Caesars Pizza has been proudly serving delicious products for nearly 50 years. Little Caesars only use the finest ingredients. Little Caesars' dough is made fresh each day, and their cheese is freshly shredded – never frozen! Little Caesars world famous pizza sauce contains a secret blend of spices that their customers love.

Today, Little Caesars is the largest carry-out pizza chain internationally with restaurants on five continents. In addition to efforts made by individual restaurants world-wide, Little Caesars Pizza is true to its belief in giving back to the communities in which it serves. At the heart of Little Caesars' philosophy is a deep commitment to its franchisees, colleagues and community.

To find store locations near you, read about franchise opportunities, or learn more about the company, check out Little Caesars' web page.

      Blue started as a quest by a group of world class athletes looking for a frame that would allow them to perform at their best. A frame that that had it all - light weight for climbing, superior lateral stiffness and torsional rigidity for efficiency, vertical compliance for comfort and race inspired geometry for fit and handling that would be second to none. Blue carefully chose the right materials, combined that with engineering expertise, added the knowledge that comes from decades of racing experience all to produce a frameset that is designed with one purpose in mind - create bicycles that are built to win.

    I am happy to use XRCELTM in my training and racing. Scientifically formulated and clinically tested, XRCELTM contains glucose that is quickly absorbed for immediate energy and has glucose-loaded micro-gels that provide a sustained source of energy for later. By releasing glucose in two ways, you get the benefit of energy now and later, when you really need it. Visit XRCELTM website for more information.


ROKA is dedicated to empowering triathletes and swimmers with products that make them faster — faster than they were yesterday, faster than they were last season, faster than their competition. Faster takes hard work, but when you find resonance in the water with your training and equipment there's nothing like it. ROKA calls it "easy speed" and it feels AWESOME. Lost it? Never had it? No worries. ROKA's here to help.

    After extensive pool and race testing, ROKA believes the Maverick Pro is the fastest wetsuit on the planet. They have not found a faster suit.  Along the product design path, ROKA discovered a breakthrough training product in the SIM. For non-wetsuit swims, the super-fast and comfortable Viper offers NASA-tested, market-beating performance. More is on the way, so stay tuned. I will be swimming and racing in ROKA's products.

RecoveryPump (recoverypump.com) is an Active Pneumatic Compression System used for recovery in the maximal, endurance sports arena. This system helps clear metabolic waste during rest and recovery. The RecoveryPump system is a Sequential, Intermittent, Pneumatic, Compression Pump that inflates 4 chambered sleeves from the foot to the hip.  Receiving massaging compression feels great and is very restoration

     I use my RecoveryPump every day for these reasons and clearly notice the benefits in my recovery. It combines the benefits of active and passive recovery at the same time while I'm laying down. My RecoveryPump is an integral part of my training and recovery regime.


     Jack and Adam's Bicycles in Austin, Texas is far and away the best bike shop. The staff are dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers, the sport of triathlon, and positively contributing to their community. Jack and Adam's provides bicycle sales, maintenance, and fitting services. Their love for the sport and the community is evident in the quality of their work. If you are in the Austin area, stop by the store at the corner of Barton Springs Road and Lamar. You can still be part of the Jack and Adam's family by visiting their new on-line store.


      The research conducted by HED Cycling result in the most advanced and aerodynamic wheels and components in the cycling world. This year, I will be riding HED wheels in training and racing. I will ride the HED Ardennes for training. For racing, I'll be riding a HED Stinger 7 or 9 front wheel and Stinger Disc or Stinger 9 rear wheel depending on the race course. I will also be riding the HED Corsair aero bars on my Felt DA.

      I'm not just a pro who is shamelessly plugging a product, I've been riding Cobb's saddles for 7 years and wouldn't work with another saddle company!

     John Cobb has been actively involved in the bicycle industry since 1972. He first proved himself as a pioneer in the area of cycling aerodynamics when his positioning and aero knowledge were used with Greg LeMond, thus shocking the traditional European bicycle racing world. John developed a system, early on, for positioning riders in order to gain more speed and comfort. This has led riders from around the globe to search John out for cycling help. He has logged in over a thousand hours of wind tunnel testing time and has continued to be a leading innovator in developing cycling components--including wheels, hubs, aerobars, bike saddles, clothing and helmets. Manufacturers regularly consult John to gain a new perspective on product development. As new technology comes along, one has to be a leader in adopting these new ideas while learning to relate them to riders of all abilities. John continues to be a leader and he helps others learn how to better use these technologies by offering camps and classes. You will often see John going to and many times participating in races as he has a true passion for the sport and loves being involved.


 Kevin Brooks has both passion and talent for his gift as a custom airbrush artist. After spending years doing custom paint and pinstriping for cars and trucks, Kevin combined his artistic talent and love for endurance sports to start Brooks Airbrush Studio. Now Kevin designs and paints custom bikes and bike helmets. Keep your eyes open for my custom aerohelmet by Brooks AIrbrush Studio this year!


       I'm excited to work with BEST on improving my swimming. As a professional triathlete, the swim leg of the triathlon is critical for setting up my race and putting me in a position where I can win races. Not growing up as a swimmer, making improvements in the swim portion of triathlon has been the biggest developmental challenge for me as an athlete. I will be working with BEST because Coach Brackin's expertise and experience coaching athletes to the top level speak for themselves. Combining her personal coaching tools with the technology of the Endless Pools and DartFish, I'm confident we will find and correct inefficiencies in my stroke. I know the swim gap to my competitors is not primarily an aerobic engine or strength issue, so most of it lies in technique. Working with Coach Brackin's methods and tools to give me continuous feedback on my stroke, I know we can take my swimming to the next level.

       Atomic High Performance is a company dedicated to developing cutting edge coatings, lubricants and cycling components. Atomic gives meticulous attention to detail to researching and improving the bicycle's drive train. Many man-hours, testing, and improvement have led to the products that Atomic High Performance manufactures. Its athletes have won gold, silver and bronze Olympic medals, world championships and set world records using Atomic's products. Atomic pushes the scientific boundaries in search of improvement and its products are extensively tested before they are sold to the public so athletes can get the most out of it. I will be using Atomic's products on my bicycle for races. I will have Atomic's coatings and lubricants on my chain ring, rear cassette, race wheel bearings, chain, pedals, and pulleys.                        

     CeramicSpeed is a premier manufacturer of ceramic bearings for cycling drive trains. I know how important incremental gains are when it comes to overall performance. When you start adding smaller gains together over a wide variety of areas, the overall improvement to your racing can be dramatic. A couple areas where we can make these kind of gains are in reducing drive train friction on the bike and improving aerodynamics. With CeramicSpeed bearings, I'm tackling the former. When I use CeramicSpeed's coated wheel, bottom bracket, and rear derailleur pulley (jockey wheels) bearings this year, the savings from reduced friction on those parts add up! It's my job to find ways to get faster whether that be through training and fitness or through equipment improvements. I'm excited to partner with CeramicSpeed in this area.

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