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One of my goals is always be a positive role model, give back to my community, and lead by example.

Children's Triathlon Clinic at 1379 Kids

This year, in conjunction with 1379 Kids sports store, I put on a beginners triathlon clinic for children. See the youtube video where I explain to the kids how to set up a transition area.

Monday Core Workout Class, Jack and Adams Bicycles: 
From 2007-2010 I hosted a free weekly core strengthing class at Jack and Adam's Bicycles. The class was free and open to the public. While I no longer teach the class, it is still going strong at Jack and Adams, so stop by to get in a great workout! 


Volunteering for Children's groups
I believe that getting children active is one of the most important jobs we have as adults and role models. The plague of childhood obesity in this country is tragic. For the first time in the history of this country the next generation may not outlive its parents. For the first time in the history of the evolution of man, having too much food is the problem rather than the reverse. I see one of my roles in this sport is to be a role model to children and serve as an example to help keep children active. In the last couple years, I've volunteered for groups promoting these values and I plan to continue my involvement in this cause.


Texas State Triathlon Club

I had the opportunity last fall to speak to the Texas State Triathlon Team. It was really fun to meet the team members, hearing their stories, and sharing my experiences and lessons learned. I enjoy meeting others who share enthusiasm for this sport.
 AAPER/Runtex Born to Run Cross Country Meet
To support the annual Born to Run Cross Country Meet, I volunteer to help at the children's event as the "rabbit" to pace each wave of the youth running event. The event drews several hundred children, ages 5 - 12 to run a 1K-1 mile cross country course. I lead each wave of children around the course to guide and encourage them through the event. It is alway an amazing and exhausting day. I'm happy to be associated with this event.


Longhorn Triathlon Beginners Clinic
In support of the inaugural Longhorn Triathlon, I hosted a beginner's triathlon clinic geared towards helping first time participants with how to approach the event and what to expect in their first experiences.


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